The Executive Management Team comprises illustrious entrepreneurs and dynamic young professionals bringing together not just creativity and thought but a wealth of experience from varied backgrounds. The promoters have been successful in creation of several leading Indian companies.

The spirit of The Sun Group, is our 'commitment to excellence'. A young and challenging work culture, at the same time one that is people focussed is what we are privileged to have.

Results focus

We meet daunting deadlines without compromising our concern for quality and standards. We set and achieve challenges and goals, for ourselves as well as the team. We encourage each individual to give expression to his creativity to make a difference to the team, making The Sun Group a challenging and supremely satisfying place of work.

Continuous Improvement focus

The Sun Group attaches tremendous importance to individual and team development not only through an ongoing learning process through new and varied assignments but also in the form of loans/ financial assistance for self-development, be it technical, managerial or otherwise. The onus is on you - to achieve, earn and learn.

Rewards focus

At The Sun Group we are self employed, in spirit as well as equity ownership. We are taking a risk on our own performance and are entitled to commensurate returns. Moreover, we have attractive compensation packages which compare with the best in the industry; flexible compensation structures and global exposure, which are some of the more apparent gains.

A ‘Sunny’ is a core member of The Sun Group team. He is a distinct personality, comprising a unique combination of qualities.


A Sunny has tall aspirations. He sets his own goals and standards of excellence, and is committed towards them. He is persistent in addressing issues and confortably overcomes obstacles. Confident and decisive, he is willing to take action now in order to avoid potential future problems.


Teamwork is an integral part of his life. He aligns his personal goals with those of the team, also lending support to other team members in achieving their goals. He makes meaningful contributions to team discussions, sharing his experiences and exchanging ideas and views constructively.

Taken to a higher level, he becomes a team leader - building his own team, keeping it motivated and being completely responsible for its performance.

Problem Solving Skills

He is also quick to get to the root of a problem. He understands it, breaks it down into simpler components, seeks information and identifies relationships therein, reasons logically, develops a solution, evaluates it, tests it and makes recommendations.

Planning and Coordination

Indispensable for his work are the skills of planning, scheduling, prioritising and monitoring. He effectively utilises time and other resources between conflicting objectives (when working on two or more projects simultaneously, for example) keeping in mind a focus on results.

open positions

Positions No.of openings Experience in years
AVP Technical, Pacific Security 1 15
AVP Sales, Pacific Security 1 15+
GM Projects, Elan Global 1 10+
GM Govt. Relations, Sun Export 1 20+
Manager, Counter Terrorism,
   Pacific Security
1 10+
Manager, Consumer Products,
   Elan Global
1 10+
Sales Executive 10 5+
IT Systems Executive 1 5+
Imports Executive 1 3+
Electronics Engineer 5 3+
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