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Sitting at one’s desk one is able to monitor an entire factory, office or other area, even many areas simultaneously. The CCTV system consists of cameras, monitors, switchers, lenses, pan/tilt units and the controllers for all these products. The system enables security surveillance for corporate or industrial applications.
- Cameras: Analog, IP, Hybrid
- Lenses
- Pan / Tilt / Zoom
- Housing
- Cabling
- Matrix / Switchers
- Monitors

Access Control System
Ideal for any site where access needs to be restricted. Allows access to only authorised personnel at strategic points through individualised ID cards, tags or personal touch. Consists of readers to be placed at all entry points and generates detailed reports of all staff movements. The technology can be magnetic swipe card, proximity card, touch key or biometrics. Ideal for offices, banks, laboratories, industrial sites, hazardous areas, car parks, social clubs, etc.
- Readers
- Keypads
- Controllers
- RFID Cards
- Monitoring Software

Perimeter Security System
An integrated solution for protecting boundaries, it combines CCTV, access control system, vibration detection system based on shock sensors and electronic fencing system based on electro-coil and non-lethal electric shock deterrent. Ideal for refineries, industrial sites, hazardous sites, airports and military applications.
- Electronic Fencing
- Alarms

Home Automation
Video Door Phones: Allows you to see and speak to the outsider without opening the door. Consists of a camera unit to be installed outside at the main door of the house/office and a monitor unit at a convenient place within. Ideal for residences and offices where lonely housewives, elderly people and children can feel safe and secure.

Intrusion Alarm System: A centrally controlled system with a combination of magnetic contacts at doors / windows, motion detectors and output devices. Detects any unauthorised entry / movement and output can be generated in various forms like sounding a siren, switching on lights, autodialling any preset location, etc. Ideal for securing any place from burglary.

Counter Terrorism

X-Ray and Detection
Superior technology detection equipment for all kinds of bombs & explosives (including RDX and plastic), as well as for drugs like heroine, etc. Extremely useful for the law enforcing authorities like the police, customs, navy, etc.

Includes baggage and cargo x-ray machines, static as well as mobile. And hand-held as well as walk through metal detectors useful for airports, government offices and all other areas requiring special protection.

- Explosive Detector
- X-Ray Baggage Scanner
- Mobile X-Ray Inspection System (Back Scatter Technology)
- Cargo & Vehicle X-Ray Inspection System
- Personal X-Ray Inspection System (Body Scanner)
- Portable X-Ray Machine (Advanced Real Time Viewing System)
- Door Frame Metal Detector for Outdoor/Indoor
- Hand Held Metal Detector
- Deep Search Metal Detector
- Under Vehicle Surveillance System
- Forensic Forgery Detection Equipments

Vision Equipment
- Long Range Search Light
- Night Vision Binoculars / Monocular

Enforcement and Disposal Technologies
- Security Doors / Windows
- Crash Rated Boom Barriers/Bollards / Tire Killers
- Bomb Disposal Equipments

Traffic Management

Highway Traffic Management Systems
Throughout the world, modern nations are realizing the necessity of traffic management systems, as the complexity, density and safety hazards of roads grow.

Intelligent Transportation Systems offer innovative highway traffic management solutions. By utilizing intelligent technology, highway safety can be increased and traffic operations can be improved.

A Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS) is an integrated tool for highway control and supervision. It is a real time decision support system for traffic operators and records and solves contingency situations. An advanced Traffic Management System is an integrated system which automates traffic management activities and provides essential management tools for traffic authorities.

Based on the principles of detection, verification and control, the Highway Management System utilises patented technologies to link the detection, surveillance, traffic information and control systems. HTMS operation and function is based on a centrally managed system in which operators, located in the Control Room are able to use systems based on GUI system interfaces, for Traffic Monitoring and Detection, Control and Response, Information Dissemination and Reporting

- CCTV: Video Surveillance
- ECB: Emergency Call Boxes
- VMS: Variable Message Signs
- CCTV: Video Surveillance
- MDS: Meteorological Data Systems
- ATCC: Automatic Traffic Counter cum Classifier
- CC: Control Center

Toll Collection Systems
- Cash, Card & Electronic Automated Toll Collection (ETC)
- Boom Barriers


Pacific Security selected for Mumbai Airport for CCTV Security Equipment

Bharat Petroleum awards CCTV Security Contract to Pacific Security (Elan Global)